Announcement: Science & Innovation Project

  • Science & Innovation project begins thanks to donor and partner support
  • Work underway following the demolition of the Kennet building

Work has begun on our exciting new building programme for Science and Innovation with the demolition of the Kennet building. The work was unavoidably delayed by the discovery of common brown bats who had moved into the empty building during the summer. We are pleased to say that, thanks to conservation experts, Ecology Solutions, a more suitable new home was found for these protected species and so the demolition work has been completed.

Now the Kennet building has gone, it is possible to start to imagine the radically transformed visual appeal of this part of our campus with the architectural and landscaping plans taking shape for the new Innovation Centre and its surroundings. This pioneering vision which includes the complete redesign and refurbishment of the iconic Newton Science building and the North and South wings, and the construction of a stunning new Innovation Centre, has been made possible by the generous support of our donors and partners. It is a wonderful testament to the strength of our Marlborough College community that everyone involved has family connections with the College.

Supporting the building of our new facilities and sharing our vision for how important a new approach to Science and Technology is in the modern world is the Koç Group. They are supporting our programme through their UK subsidiary, Beko Plc, one of the leading consumer appliance companies who focus on innovation to make their customers’ lives more convenient and healthier. Their business philosophy mirrors our ambition that these world class facilities are utilised to foster new collaborations – academic and cultural, local and global, progressive and sustainable – ensuring the broadest possible social impact.

At the end of October, we were delighted to welcome Teresa Arbuckle, Managing Director of Beko Plc for the UK and Ireland and Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of parent company Arcelik, to the College for the launch of our partnership.

Beko Plc’s donation has been matched by another Marlburian family, already supporting bursaries, who have a strong belief in giving back to society and in the opportunity for Marlborough to inspire more young people outside of its current pupil base. It is a key part of our vision for these new facilities that they will provide a catalyst for a new way of engaging externally for Marlborough College which embraces these shared ambitions of greater collaboration, community outreach and access.

Our sincere thanks go to all Marlburian families who have lent their support to the most ambitious capital project that the College has embarked upon in living memory.

If you would like to know more detail on this pivotal programme then please follow this link.


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