History Extravaganza: The First Crusade

Our annual History Department Extravaganza has become a much-loved part of the calendar and allows pupils and teachers to come together for a fun-packed and irreverent re-enactment of a significant historical event. This year’s event is best summed up by the Anonymous Author of the Gesta Francorum chronicle (Mr Moule) who authored and directed the show.

“This year’s History Department Extravaganza took the form of the First Crusade, which occurred over an hour one Tuesday evening in the Memorial Hall. There was a cast of about 30 pupils and a dozen staff, who, because of their recent experience of the Battles of Culloden and Agincourt, the Russian Revolution, and World War One, launched the crusade after about 40 minutes of rehearsal time.

“Mr Bush played Pope Bushy II, who responded grandly to the languid entreaties of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Tolpotios (Mr Tolputt), his impossible Patriarch St John Alwaysright (Mr Wright), his spy Gistopolos (Mr Gist) and niece Anna (Olivia Eversfield (MM L6)). The Reverend Mr Novis played a wild populist preacher, who led his class off to destruction at the hands of Sultan Moly Aslan (the Lion – played by Mr Molyneux) and his band of ululating Shell girls. Archie Del Mar (B1 L6) played Moly Aslan’s sycophantic court poet. Meanwhile in France Count Baldwin (Mr Hamilton) slew the Knight of the Shell before joining Bohemund (Mr Blossom), Godfrey (Mr Sandall) and various other leaders in the main crusade army. Mrs Harris, playing a Wise Witch, did the Risk Assessment. The tone was raised for a little while by members of the Chapel Choir singing ‘Veni Creator Spiritus’ in organum. They processed with dignity around the stage while the carnage developed.”

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