12 Edward Twohig original prints acquired by the British Museum

The highly successful exhibition by Edward Twohig, our Head of Art, of his ‘Recent Prints from Wiltshire and Italy’ at the Mount House Gallery in Marlborough, has taken Edward’s relationship with the British Museum’s Prints & Drawings Department to an unprecedented place.

Having been aware of Edward’s creativity and his involvement with the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, Edward was invited by Dr. Jennifer Ramakalawon, Keeper of Prints at the British Museum, London, to present a selection of his work to their acquisition panel earlier this month, and the outcome of that meeting has been quite extraordinary.

A remarkable 12 of Edward’s original drypoint and monoprints have been selected for acquisition which means that his work takes its place in the permanent collection in this world-renowned museum alongside original works by painter-printmakers such as Picasso, Sir Frank Short, Sir Francis Seymour Haden (who was a Marlborough College parent), Samuel Palmer, Charles Meryon and of course Rembrandt.

‘To have had two selected would be a great accolade. To have 12 across my creative career, six from 2019 to date is something to feel good about. Happy that two inspired by the Master’s Garden have been chosen and will forever more be in the British Museum,’ said Edward.

Our warm congratulations go to Edward for this extraordinary achievement.

A most welcome additional outcome from Edward’s exhibition and subsequent meeting has been the opportunity this has provided for Esther Lambert (SU U6) to investigate with them the possibility for some work experience at the British Museum. Dr Ramakalawon was very impressed by the review that Esther wrote of Edward’s exhibition, and thought this showed innate artistic understanding and curatorial promise. We wish Esther good luck in taking this forward.

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