Coronavirus Support Group

The Coronavirus Support Group has been set up to enable neighbours to come together and help each other during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus Support Group website includes six easy steps for people to set up their own local support group in their street or postcode area, and includes tools, tips, advice and templates.

It also has a wealth of useful, easy-to-read, illustrated information and advice for individuals and families across a wide range of subjects relating to coronavirus COVID-19. These are all sourced from UK, US and global organisations, governments and charities.

The website aims to reassure people, set up new community groups, relieve pressure on health care and emergency services and provide a one-stop source of information on coronavirus.

The Coronavirus Support Group was founded by James Johnstone (C1 1977-80) on Monday 9th March – ’Street by street let’s help Britain get better again’.

Coronavirus Support Group

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