Eight lectures, eight nights…

Following the move to a virtual school on Wednesday 18th March for the remainder of the Lent term, we are continuing to deliver intellectual stimulation until the end of term with a series of eight fascinating lectures over the course of eight evenings via the online conferencing platform Zoom.

In the inaugural lecture was given on Thursday 19th March as Sophie Carp discussed seventeenth-century Delft master Johannes Vermeer and his interest in the new optical technology emerging during the Scientific Revolution. It was seen and heard virtually by Sixth Form pupils and the Common Room community. It was an overwhelming success with pupils and staff giving enthusiastic and positive feedback.

Lecture series schedule:

Thursday 19th March – Vermeer and Optics – Sophie Carp (Art Historian)
Friday 20th March – Protecting Muckaty Station – Lizzie O’Shea (Human Rights Lawyer)
Saturday 21st March – History and Culture – Dr Freyja Cox Jensen (Historian)
Sunday 22nd March – Music and Film – David Buckley (Composer for Film and TV)
Monday 23rd March – Slowly Down the Ganges – Spike Reid (Adventurer and Paddleboarder)
Tuesday 24th March: The Power of Curiosity; why we need to cultivate our desire to learn – Ian Leslie (Journalist and Author)
Wednesday 25th March – Diary of a Prisoner – Chris Atkins (Filmmaker, Author and ex-Prisoner)
Thursday 26th March: The History of Love – Dr Amanda Foreman (Historian and Author)

The subjects and speakers for upcoming lectures will be posted on the College website and each will take place at 7.30pm and last for 30 to 40 minutes. All pupils will be sent a Zoom link via a Firefly or an email, and parents are most welcome to join and watch these with their children.

Ed Tolputt
Deputy Head Academic

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