Review: Music Technology Recital

In these extraordinary and challenging times, one of the huge casualties in the Arts world has been the inevitable collapse of live music. In the end there is no substitute for presentation of music in that form, and so we must make do with virtual experiences for the time being.

If there was, however, a concert which worked particularly well in this format it would surely be a Music Tech event, and so it proved.   With our splendid new Music Tech wizard at the helm in the form of Dale Wills (DCW), this was a vibrant, exuberant and utterly dynamic experience which lifted the heart and soul and brought a much needed smile.

The pre-show intro had plenty of glitz and spangle and set the scene for what was to follow to excellent effect.  Florence Tuckey (EL U6) kicked things off displaying her usual talents and class and Freddie Reynolds (BH L6) (expertly assisted with all visuals by DCW) was impressive with a modern idiom input remix.

Henry Dukes (BH Hu) had two bites of the cherry, firstly with a collaborative performance of a song by DCW which was a multi-genre delusional mix with a psychedelic vibe (make of that what you will), and secondly a distorted low range cover of the Sticky Fingers track ‘How to Fly’. The latter being Rock, Soul and Reggae. These presentations were both intriguing and imaginative.

Ijah Ofon (C1 U6) chimed in with a mellow and chilled low-fi slowed up R & B number, before Biba Tarn (MM L6) brought proceedings to a close with an accomplished and classy performance of another R & B style number ‘Knocking Over Buildings’.

We crave a return to the live music setting, but in the meantime this more than kept us going – in fact it was brilliant and most uplifting. Bravo all.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director



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