Wellbeing Resources – Recommendations

When the nation went into lockdown, the College launched its Wellbeing Resources, available for everyone on our website and publicised through local media. We felt this would be a good way for us to play a positive role at this time, when people have to stay at home and may be lacking in ways to stay occupied and healthy.

As a full boarding school we are experienced in providing academic, co-curricular, spiritual and pastoral resources for our pupils which match well to the five ways to wellbeing. This got us thinking that we could use our resources to provide a Wellbeing hub for anyone to use and we are delighted that it has been accessed by over 1,300 users.

There are many other amazing resources which are being shared or which have been newly created to help provide ideas and stimulus to stay fulfilled and well.

We are delighted to showcase a few of them here, all of which have been recommended by a member of the College community.

Coronavirus Support Group UK: have compiled a comprehensive list of some 30 excellent online resources for children and parents, ranging from museum tours to science to coding.

Chatterpack: a list of free online boredom-busting resources for everyone including those with additional needs/disabilities

The Royal Opera House: a free programme of curated online broadcasts, musical masterclasses and cultural insights that get under the skin of both ballet and opera and offer everyone a unique look behind the scenes at one of the world’s most famous cultural institutions

The Berlin Philharmonic: Digital Concert Hall. High quality footage of classical performances, now available without subscription

The Google Art Project: to help its users discover and view important artworks online in high resolution and detail, Google partnered with more than 1200 cultural institutions from around the world to archive and document priceless pieces of art and to provide virtual tours of museums using Google Street View technology. The Google Art Project features fine art from the White House, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, and even São Paulo street art from Brazil.

Compton Verney: Lucas Cranach digital tour. This important exhibition of the darkly beautiful German artist Cranach opened just days before lockdown. But you can now take a tour on Compton Verney’s website.

Kettle’s Yard webcam: This art-full house in Cambridge is one of Britain’s most peaceful and meditative collections. A webcam lets you share its slow pace while it is closed.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: The vast collections of Britain’s oldest museum can be sampled online, from Egyptian wonders to Piero di Cosimo’s painting The Forest Fire.

Big History Project: Journey through nearly 14 billion years of history in this self-guided, six-hour version of Big History. You’ll find every chapter full of great activities to keep you entertained and test your learning.


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