Run 100 to Raise 100

Organised by this year’s cricket captains, this is a fun, cricket inspired challenge to keep everyone in our boarding community connected and fit, while raising funds for three charities. 50% of the money raised will go to the NHS and the other 50% will be shared evenly between the Ruth Strauss Foundation and Cricket Without Boundaries.

The idea is to run 100 lengths of a wicket (i.e. a century) to try and raise £100. 

The event has been running for over a month with over £5,000 raised so far – and we are delighted that the cricketer have supported our efforts with a story featured on their website here.

Here’s how you can take part:

To do this:

1 – Mark out the equivalent of a cricket wicket (22 yards) in your garden or in a park.

2 – Put on pads* and find a cricket bat*

(* If you don’t have any cricket kit at home find suitable/creative alternatives, e.g. instead of pads strap on a cereal packet, small cushion or hot water bottle; instead of a bat use a tennis racquet, or a suitable length of board or stick.)

3 – Run 100 lengths of the wicket consecutively (this is a total length of 2012 metres). If you can’t create a wicket, do join in anyway by improvising (e.g. 11 yards x 200) or just running 2012m as a single distance.

4 – We will be running a Leader board. If you want to be added, please time yourself using an app such as Strava, screenshot, film it and email it to or Tweet #run100toraise100 tagging @MCol_Cricket

5 – The aim is to join in and raise money. If you want to run multiple centuries to raise more, then go for it. The £100 target is just a suggested amount. Any money raised will be fantastic.

6 – Friends and family can donate on the ‘Run 100 to Raise 100′ sponsorship page via the link given below:


We hope you’ll join us to ‘Run 100 to Raise 100’.  Who doesn’t love a sporting challenge?

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Ben Spink (XI captain) and Rosie Pembroke (Girls’ XI captain)

So far the following have completed the challenge: Ben Spink, Rosie Pembroke, Christian Freeman, Sean Montgomery, Archie Del Mar, Alex Macintosh, Mr Alleyne, Billy Mead (OM C1 2012-17), Jack Cleverly, Mrs Cleverly, Hugh Norman, Mr Hetherton, Mr Bush, Mr Pembroke, Will Pembroke, Mr Spink, Mrs Spink, Sophie Spink (OM MO 2009-14), Celeste Spink (OM MO 2013-18), Charlie Carroll, Jemima Carroll, Mr Lane, Freddie Lane, William Lane, Hugo Mayne, Ben Higton, Mr Harrison, Oscar Harrison, Alicia Beckett, Georgie Cresswell, Mr Beckett, Mr Heywood, Phoebe Cox, Henry Bentley, Mrs Horton, Charlie Horton, William Horton, Ned Corfield, Sam Martin-Jenkins, Tim Martin-Jenkins (OM B3 1961-65), James Watson, Ollie Cook, Jamie Cook, Will Cook (OM SU 2014-19), Nick Cook (OM C1 1983-88), Mrs Cook, Tom Cayley (OM CO 2010-15), Fran Cox (updated 26th May)


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