A Review of the Summer Term in Art

We come to the close of a term that has been like no other in the history of education. I have put off composing our Summer Term Art Review until now mainly because there is so much to distil let alone reflect on.

Above all, it’s thrilling to state creativity flourishes. Our GCSE and Upper Sixth A level artists and photographers – close to one hundred pupils – each, not only completed, but many brought to exceptionally mature resolutions, their individual projects. Later in the term, our Remove artists and Lower Sixth photographers and artists created a body of coursework for their end-of-year examination. Collectively, both year’s results are better than last years.

In between the beginning and end of this term, myriad zoom lessons, tutorials, electronic hand-in and feedbacks abounded daily, indeed hourly. Creativity at home ruled, away from the physical Art School, and did not diminish the quality of work.

Below are some of the highlights:

The online Prize Day display generated many appreciative comments from parents and the College community about the elegiac and reflective mood as well as the skill and precision across this body of work which is, in essence, a collective moment in time.

This was flanked by the insightful Art Scholar’s Exhibition, ‘Nature, Art & the Environment’ curated by our Artist-in-Residence, Siobhán Humston.

Siobhan’s Mount House window displays became a beacon of hope and a much talked about Art-installation, as has been her brilliant exhibition, ‘Drawings on Paper & Clay’.

It is with sadness we say farewell to Siobhán – an Artist to her core – whose presence over the past two years has been an invaluable and perpetual inspiration to so many of our pupils and to colleagues. We also salute and say fond goodbye’s to each of our Upper Sixth artists and photographers. It is heartening that many are going on to further their studies at leading Art College’s.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Marlborough teachers in Art and Photography: Mr Parnham, Mrs Bruce, Mr Duplock and Mrs Fruci. Their dedication makes the Art department what it is, not the actual Art School, as proved time and again over this term. Each have gone above and beyond in the delivery of visual teaching through the medium of Zoom, giving their all with skill, patience, energy and humour. A huge thank you also to Mark, Elé and Nicola for their unstinting technical support.

Edward Twohig RE
Head of Art

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