Everest Lecture 2020

We were delighted to welcome Professor Dominic Hodgson to give the annual Everest Lecture 2020, the concluding lecture of the school year. He spoke to a rapt audience of pupils and staff on Thursday 2nd July via Zoom.

Professor Hodgson is a Science Team Leader at the British Antarctic Survey and Visiting Professor at Durham University specialising in high latitude climate and environmental change. He and his team of Quaternary Scientists use marine, lake and terrestrial records to investigate interactions between ice sheets and climate change and how different parts of the Earth System have interacted to produce the large climate changes that have occurred naturally in the past. By understanding these, Scientists are able to better construct modelled predictions of future change and the influence of human activities on climate and sea level.

Professor Hodgson was awarded the Polar Medal for his palaeolimnology research work in 2013 and has the honour of having a perennially ice-covered freshwater lake on the continent named after him.

In his fascinating speech, which is available in recorded form below, he spoke about his research work in Antarctica, about the challenges working in such an inhospitable environment and the future of the continent.


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