Lockdown Time Capsule: The Great Pause

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the country into the most extraordinary chapter in our recent history. Never before had the daily pattern of life on all levels been so fundamentally altered, as the world strove to minimize the spread of this disease.

In Lockdown, the human spirit of compassion, resilience and creativity won out, aided in many cases by digital technology. Many made the best of the new circumstances and rose to the challenge of maintaining their own and others’ wellbeing. Some went even further and have uplifting stories of community work, new friendships and life changing experiences. As we enter the next phase with the gradual removal of restrictions, people are starting to capture the positives from the Lockdown experience and starting to talk about what good may have come from it in terms of refocused values and priorities which could lead to beneficial lasting change for us as individuals and as a society.

At the College, we have much on record already of our time operating as a “virtual” school but we would like to add to this the more personal memories and experiences of Lockdown of the Marlborough College community (families, pupils, staff and OMs) and in due course to create a new digital archive of this period for our College records.

We would truly welcome your contributions to this project which can be in any form – written pieces, filmed or recorded pieces, photographs, videos, compilations, artwork or any other format that can be stored in a digital archive. We would ask that you frame your piece around one or more of the three themes of:

– Compassion
– Resilience
– Creativity

The following questions may help you to identify your most important memories:

– What was the most uplifting thing that happened to you in Lockdown?
– What was the most challenging thing that happened to you in Lockdown?
– What was it about being part of the Marlborough College community that supported you over this period?

Please send your contributions to marketing@marlboroughcollege.org using WeTransfer or One Drive for videos and adding your name and House/Dates/connection to the College. We will be open to receive contributions until the end of the year.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this project and look forward to sharing with you what we are sure will be a wonderful collection of life affirming stories and images in the new year.

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