Photographic Excellence Inspired by Isolation

As our Lower Sixth A level Photographers transferred to remote learning during March, the challenge to develop and record a personal interpretation for the theme of ‘Art in Isolation’ was aptly set. Over the Easter break and the Summer Term, our pupils responded with flair, each creating an in-depth, experimental, reflective and thought-provoking project.

We hope you are intrigued and inspired by the impressive gallery of works provided, which abundantly reflects the diversity within each pupil’s imaginative narrative. Natasha Connell (MO) provided a surreal response to isolation, referencing Lewis Carrol’s fable ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with her vivid, dreamlike narrative compositions. A similar, simmering dreamscape depicting local countryside and landscapes have been rendered dextrously by Henry Bentley (TU) and George Oliver (B1). In juxtaposition, Theo Turner’s (PR) imagery is heavy with links to cities in isolation and references to the French artist JR. India Borghese (NC) submitted a bold collection of figures contained within the mirrored, mosaic walls of the ‘Tarot Garden’ in Tuscany, designed by artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Freddie Bell’s (CO) photographic collages represent the dramatic shapes and rhythms of an isolated bungee jumper, along with his dynamic compositions identifying resplendent British trees and pylons.

Empathy for how we all respond to the social restraints involving isolation have been sensitively achieved by Tigerlily Hamilton-Davies (SU)  through captivating recording of family members and self portraits. Calm, almost meditative scenes associated with water as an enveloping experience by Izzy Dundas (MM) and Lottie Rose (CO) provide necessary respite. Finally, Charlotte Gow (MM) has powerfully and beautifully captured the emotion of encountering family members during lock-down whilst in full isolation.

Congratulations to all of our Lower Sixth Photographers for their highly absorbing creative interpretations; we very much look forward to supporting their further Personal Project explorations next term.

Jonathan Parnham
Head of Visual Arts Promotion



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