His Dark Materials – Episode 4

This term the Shell have been leading the Drama Department’s radio production of Pullman’s His Dark Materials.  This project has been full of laughter, ridiculous characters and some really promising performances by our younger actors. They have been supported in this by pupils from the Remove to the Upper Sixth, who have all collaborated to produce this innovative performance of the much loved classic.  

Millie Fincham (EL Sh) has been fantastic as the courageous Lyra accompanied by her daemon Pantalaimon played with wonderful charm by Santo Thomas (B1 Sh).  Along the way they meet a colourful and rich cast of characters such as Archie Thomson’s (C1 Sh) irrepressible Roger and Jamie Beaumont’s (LI Sh) brave Will – not to mention a gun-toting Texan who drives a hot air balloon played by Ben Armitage (C1 Sh).  There are also a wonderful supporting cast of witches, outrageous academics and polar bears that occupy this wonderfully strange universe.

The first four episodes are available to the College community (password protected) by clicking the link below.

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

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