Sunday in Full Swing

Sunday in Full Swing

Tuesday 21st September 2021

As a full boarding school, Sundays at Marlborough provide pupils with the chance to enjoy a wide range of experiences together both on and off campus. Sunday 19th September proved no different with no less than 28 different activities and trips taking place. These included go-karting, sailing, biking, cooking and painting, to name a few.

B1 headed to Thruxton for a go-karting session, whilst Barton Hill’s Upper Sixth enjoyed a popular roast beef ramble. There was a joint kayaking trip for the Hundred from Barton Hill and C1. Also on the water were the Littlefield Shell and Remove who headed to Gloucestershire for an afternoon of waterskiing and wakeboarding and the Mill Mead Remove and Hundred who had a trip to the lakes for stand-up paddleboarding.

Littlefield’s Lower Sixth had a less strenuous, but no less enjoyable afternoon, as they joined Miss Langdale for pottery painting and cake.

The Dancy Shell were out and about as they headed for a bike ride in the countryside followed by lunch, organised by the College’s Outdoor Activities Department.

The C1 Shell teamed up with their counterparts from Morris and Turner for an afternoon on a newly-opened climbing wall before conquering an impressive zip wire across a lake.

The Elmhurst Shell had the chance to get accustomed to their new surroundings with a countryside walk in the sunshine, whilst the Morris Remove put their cooking skills to the test with a bake-off.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of photos from the various adventures.

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