100 MC Super Moons: New Exhibition

Super Moons: New Exhibition

Friday 19th November 2021

The College is delighted to be supporting a special online exhibition by Edward Twohig, Head of Art, entitled 100 Marlborough College Super Moons.

Edward’s exquisite Super Moon collection of original monoprints has already received significant critical acclaim in London, Dublin and New York.

For this unique online exhibition, Edward has carefully curated over 100 of his Super Moon original prints which were inspired by the Master’s Garden and areas surrounding Marlborough, such as Manton Down, Granham Hill and Little Bedwyn.

‘A super moon is a full moon that appears when the celestial body is at its closest point to the earth. It is an extraordinary, somewhat supernatural condition of gravity and atmosphere and it is the perfect subject for Edward Twohig’s drypoint prints. Edward uses both oil- and water-based printing ink to achieve a variety of textured lines to best evoke the exquisitely intangible feeling of a spring or autumn night flooded with atmospheric light.’  Dr Christine Slobogin, Eames Fine Art, London

The College is delighted to be showcasing this exhibition on behalf of Edward, who has very generously offered to donate 50% of any proceeds made from the sale of this innovative work to the College’s Foundation for bursaries.

We invite you to browse and enjoy the artistic spectacle that is 100 Marlborough College Super Moons within this online catalogue.

Should you wish to purchase a unique signed impression, you can do so online. Collection is arranged directly with Edward.

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