Emerging Talent Concert

Monday 8th November 2021

As we continue our rehabilitation to a full return to live music in front of an audience, the Emerging Talent Concert once again showcased some encouraging hidden talent waiting in the wings.

In the spirit of inclusivity, which is very much at the forefront of the Music Departmental ethos, every possible step is taken to encourage all our young musicians to perform in public, whether it be in our informal lunchtime concerts, evening recitals or the myriad of other larger-scale events promoting our flagship ensembles.

This concert was something of an intermediary step, in so much as there is a more formal aspect given the evening timing, but without the additional pressure of the rather more intimidating surroundings of the Memorial Hall.

The Goodison Hall provides the ideal acoustic to assist young musicians in their various stages of development, and this concert was no exception. It was also really heart-warming to welcome such a large and enthusiastic audience to witness proceedings.

Huge credit then to all our performers for a spirited and brave presentation throughout:

Millie A (Sh)
Alisa A (Hu)
James B (Re)
Paddy C (Sh)
Dani D (U6)
Tissot D (Re)
Lili E (Sh)
Charlotte G (Hu)
Bo G (Sh)
Sophie H (L6)
Katie L-S (Re)
Dani L (Re)
Florence M (Sh)
Theo M (Re)
Jasmine P (Sh)
Otto R (Sh)
Idris S (Re)
Annabel S (Re)
Milly S (Sh)
Josh T (Sh)
Saskia T (Re)

Special thanks to our fabulous accompanists Miss Toomer and Mr Butterfield as well as Poppy M (L6) for coaching the Shell string quartet – a nice touch to see an Upper School pupil taking the time to help the youngest year group.

We look forward to hearing them all again as they continue their musical journey, whether it be as soloists or members of choir, orchestras or bands.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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