Museum of the Moon in Chapel

Super Moon Exhibitions

Friday 5th November 2021

Two linked though distinct displays in celebration of the moon coincided at the same time across the first week in November at Marlborough. Traditionally this window marks the New Year in pre-Christian pagan times. My talk in Chapel to all pupils on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week alluded to this.

The second half of half-term break and the first week of school after the half-term saw an unusual and magnificent art installation in Chapel. This work is the brainchild of Luke Jerram. It will be one to remember: the globe of the moon in astounding detail (each centimetre represents 5km of the moon’s surface) suspended from the ceiling in the perpendicular Victorian Gothic backdrop of what I call a ‘teenage cathedral’. Its presence benign as well as majestic, in fact, perfect.

In parallel, an exhibition of ‘Super Moon’ original prints mostly drawn outside in the Master’s Garden during the first lockdown are on display on the walls and in a browser in the Master’s Lodge. Each explores the animated magic of moonlight across local scenes marrying the line of drypoint with the painterly effects of monoprint.

Images of both displays are below.

Edward Twohig RE
Head of Art

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