100 Objects: Metal and Wood

Sunday 19th December 2021

We are delighted to share a double instalment of ‘Marlborough in a Hundred Objects’ covering the fascinating and eclectic stories of some amazing College objects made of metal and of wood.

These two malleable and pervasive materials have been used to create objects ranging from the practical to the artistic, and from the inconspicuous to the highly dramatic.

Many as part of their journey have been bequeathed to the College as mementos of successful and happy careers here, some are generous donations and still others are part of the fabric of our buildings and way of life.

These ten remarkable objects mark significant events and people who have shaped the College.

They bring our ‘Marlborough in a Hundred Objects’ series up to 50 objects. We hope you enjoy reading about them and all the other objects reviewed to date: ‘Marlborough in a Hundred Objects’.

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