Impressions of the Mound

Monday 6th December 2021

Thursday afternoons in the Art School have become a hive of activity for 34
Art Scholars as they work on a collective project inspired by the Mound.

The result will be an edition of 50 original prints from each scholar. This is a mammoth undertaking to bring to fruition over a sustained period of time, requiring stamina, focus, concentration and skill. Bespoke portfolio boxes have been designed and created to hold a composition by each by these scholars and, once complete, a set will be framed and put on display in the Mount House Gallery in March. Each contributor will receive a bound copy of the overall finished project.

Enormous thanks and gratitude to Jennifer Fruci who has overseen this singular project with such aplomb and skill, along with Jonathan Parnham and Thea Thompson.

Edward Twohig RE
Head of Art

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