100 MC Super Moons: New Exhibition

Super Moon Exhibition

Tuesday 14th December 2021

Since the launch in mid-November, there has been much interest amongst the College community in both the online and the physical display in the Master’s Lodge of this uniquely curated collection, as well as excellent attendance at a Zoom question and answer session with the artist, Edward Twohig, Head of Art.

Across the lockdown periods, Edward was capturing in his work the extraordinary phenomenon that is a super moon – a full moon that appears when the celestial body is at its closest point to the Earth and therefore at its biggest and brightest. Edward’s exquisite Super Moon collection of original monoprints had already received significant critical acclaim in London, Dublin and New York and since our launch, we are delighted to confirm that no less than 11 of the artworks have made it into the Christmas exhibition at the Royal Academy. No other artist’s work has been given this significant a feature.

Edward carefully selected over 100 of his Super Moon original monoprints for our exhibition, many inspired by the Master’s Garden and areas surrounding Marlborough, such as Manton Down, Granham Hill and Little Bedwyn. It can be viewed in our online catalogue alongside much wonderful additional information about the work, including expert opinion.

The College is delighted to be supporting this exhibition on behalf of Edward, who is very generously donating 50% of any proceeds made from the sale of this innovative work to the College’s Foundation for bursaries. We are delighted to say that a number of paintings have already been sold, making a wonderful contribution to our Foundation’s bursary fund.

The exhibition will remain open into the New Year.

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