Common Room Leavers pictured before the Leavers’ Dinner in June 2022

2022 Staff Leavers

We bid farewell to the following members Common Room and Support Staff who leave this academic year and thank them for their long and valued service.

Common Room

Over 20 years
Nic Allott (Partnership Manager, Physics) 36 years
Charlie Barclay (Head of Astronomy, Director of EPQ, Physics) 25 years
Bill Nicholas (Second Master, Chemistry) 24 years
Linda Richards (Head of Biology) 24 years
Nick Nelson-Piercy (Head of Russian) 23 years

Over 10 years
Sandra Finn (Morris Housemistress, Maths) 13 years

5 years and over
Charlie Pembroke (Ivy Housemistress, Geography) 8 years
John Birchall (Maths) 5 years

Graduate Assistants
Rachel Cox (RHT Ivy), Sam Dod (Biology, Sport), Chloe Watterston (ESS), Molly Simpson (Sport)

Support Staff

65 years service
Ron Jones (Dining Hall Supervisor) 65 years

Over 30 years
Val Nixon (Storekeeper General Services) 37 years

Over 20 years
Amanda Brown (Littlefield, Admissions, Music) 27 years
Sheryl Nicholas (PA to The Master) 23 years
Jo Aylward (Turner Dame) 22 years
Louise Smith (Assistant Admissions Tutor) 21 years
Val Nelson-Piercy (Ivy Dame) 21 years
Rodd Riff (Catering Ops Manager) 21 years
William Norman (Gardener) 20 years

Over 10 years
Ele Van Schoor (Art Technician) 17 years
Lisa Peck (Laundry) 17 years
Pauline Banting (Cleaner New Court) 16 years
Andrew Cottle (Laundry) 16 years
Ann Sly (Laundry) 15 years
Martin Watkins (Shooting Coach) 14 years
Leanne Jackson (Cleaner New Court & Domestic) 13 years
Platini Mascarenhas (Out House Sous Chef) 12 years

Five years and over
Richard Pembroke (Sports coach, Tutor Ivy) 7 years