Emerging Talent Concert

Friday 11th February 2022

Discovering unearthed potential in our termly ‘Emerging Talent’ concert is always one of the highlights of our musical programme. Seeing these young musicians perform, often for the first time to an audience, is a delight. We hope that the experience develops their confidence and their enjoyment of performance, so they want to perform again and again!

Ella-Mae C (Re), Milly S (Sh), Annabel S (Re) and Nina B (Hu) all provided beautiful renditions of their songs and were a pleasure to listen to. Florence M (Sh), Maria T (Sh) and Millie G (Hu) all showed great improvement and skill on their string instruments, and Naomi R (Re) and Toby M (Hu) showed fantastic control in their French Horn pieces. Millie A (Sh) and Charlotte G (Hu) both gave impressive theatrical vocal performances that showed wonderful character. In the saxophone department, Shell pupils Ben T and Lili E gave strong performances that showed excellent potential, and Edo Q (Hu, piano) and Henry S (Hu, voice) both gave inspired performances at the end of the evening. The evening started with an array of percussion, ranging from Hector M (Hu) and Alex T (Re) on the drum kit to Elliot R (Re) improvising on the vibraphone. Elliot joined Chike O (Re) and Jamie B (Re) to play a joyful percussion piece, before Ben D, Ollie E, Lili E, Hector F and Gongpob P displayed fantastic ensemble work in the Shell Percussion Ensemble.

Thanks must also go to the accompanists on the evening, in particular Miss Toomer. With a smile on her face, she provides a platform of kindness and dependability upon which our pupils build growing confidence on the performing stage. 

Inclusivity is of vital importance to the music department, and after seeing the talent, drive, and musicality of these young musicians, it is clear that there is much to look forward to in the future.

Katie Hevingham
Graduate Music Assistant

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