New Music Tech Facility

Friday 11th February 2022

This is an exciting time for Music Technology at Marlborough with the opening of our new recording studio which enables pupils to record, mix and edit tracks in an acoustically designed space.

We have a number of Sixth Form pupils studying A level Music Technology and this new facility allows them to mix and edit music in a professional environment, using industry standard equipment. The A level course requires pupils to produce a high-quality recording using multiple instruments. The new studio is based around two sound isolated pods which allow for each instrument and voice to be recorded separately and then mixed together to create the final song. Another element of the course asks pupils to create their own electronic music, combining live recording with samples and synthesisers. The recording studio will also allow pupils to produce and release their own tracks.

For those interested in the technical specification, the studio is based around Logic Pro X, using a Digico digital mixing desk to capture the sound and a variety of microphones from companies like Neuman, Shure and AKG.

With the new studio completed, the Music Department are looking to give all year groups access to this amazing resource and there is a co-curricular group in the Shell who have just started recording and producing their own track. The College has an enviable track record in pupil song writing and production and we are looking forward to seeing more emerging talent on the back of this leading-edge facility.

Jonathan Cox
Head of Music Technology

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