New Environmental Society

Monday 28th March 2022

We’re the Marlborough College Environmental Society, a pupil-led society hoping to improve the ecological stance of the College. Since taking over, we have worked on a number of projects:

Over the last two terms we have been looking into buying honeybees for the College, which will hopefully take place over the following months. Honeybees are keystone species, species which have a disproportionally large influence on an ecosystem, therefore they have a huge impact on many plant and animal species. The aim is for honeybees to be added into the Preshute Garden, with beekeeping activities becoming available for pupils’ outreach.

We have also been raising money for the Reteti Elephant sanctuary in Kenya. This is a unique project bringing communities together through a shared respect and concern for wildlife. Helping individual animals in need and supporting the wild elephant population, fulfills many important roles in the northern Kenyan rangelands. To raise money, we organised a bar for the Remove and managed to raise £121 going directly to the charity.

Looking to the future, we are planning on adding more environmental-related lessons to the new PSHEE curriculum, including fast fashion and waste. We are currently focusing on creating the lesson plans for the Lower School, which will be implemented into the curriculum at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term. We will focus on looking at what we can do as individuals in Marlborough College, believing that this will lead to a greater awareness and knowledge of these topical issues.

Additionally, we are hoping to set up an Environmental Society Instagram account for pupils. We hope this will spread awareness, and will allow pupils to keep up to date with the advances that are taking place to make our school a more ecological and sustainable place.

Hannah K and Katie O’G (L6)

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