A Celebration of Female Artists

Wednesday 25th May 2022

The History of Art and Music Department collaboration is a fairly new initiative, but a very good one. Last year we presented a concert celebrating black artists, this year it was a celebration of female artists. The aim was to draw attention to some of the courageous female pioneers in the field of music, painting and sculpture, areas which are often considered (or certainly have been in the past) particularly masculine preserves.

It was an absorbing occasion with some striking paintings and some sumptuous music making. The paintings and sculptures were intelligently presented by History of Art pupils, Lucia H, Lily B-L, Leila F, Tinka B, Liv P, Zac C, Grace H, Ella C and Cecily C, with some fine musical performances from Ryan Y, Poppy M, Josh T, Dima M, Grace P, Rosie H-W, Bella B, Allegra H, Emily A, Naomi R, Molly D and Theo M.

Generically a fusion of these two subject matters is unquestionably a very worthy initiative, but if you add in a more specific and spicy title focus it adds particular interest and fascination to the occasion. Certainly plenty of scope, then, for developing this presentation still further in the years ahead. Bravo all.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

Pictured: A detail of Gerri van Honthorst’s “The Violin Player”, 1626, oil on canvas

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