Imam Monawar Hussain

Thursday 19th May 2022

At the invitation of the Chaplain, Imam Monawar Hussain visited the College on Thursday 5th May and spoke in Chapel to the Remove and some members of the Hundred about his Islamic Faith.

After giving a 20 minute talk, the floor was opened to questions and the depth of inquisitiveness was simply stunning. Monawar was impressed at every query and the next 40 minutes flew by. Many pupils stayed on afterwards to continue the conversation.

Having just completed a month of fasting for Ramadan, Monawar’s energy was incredible. As Muslim Faith Teacher at Eton College he is an excellent communicator and his knowledge of Islam is profound.

Archie S (Re) said, “Monawar came to the College and gave a fascinating talk on what it is like being an Imam. Subsequently, he allowed us to ask some questions which helped to clarify the many queries I had about Islam. He is a captivating man and I felt full of admiration listening to his anecdotes on his experience of the Hajj. A truly enlightening talk and I was super impressed.”

Imam Hussain is a true friend to us all, and will return again.

The Reverend Tim Novis
Senior Chaplain

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