Skellig by David Almond

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Jane Darby’s highly inventive ensemble production of the Skellig by David Almond, played to captivated audiences in the Ellis Theatre last week.

This tightly knit company of Shell pupils worked together brilliantly to bring the story to life transforming the junk of Michael’s garage into the mysterious and haunting world of Skellig; part angel, part bird, part tramp, man, scrounger and healer. There was a wonderful sense of imaginative play that permeated the whole production and that immediately transported us back to childhood; a world where an old mop can become a sailing mast, and a tyre a deep, dark well, where books become birds in flight and an old oven is a gateway to another world.

There were some exceptional performances from the young cast, bringing to life characters using clear physicality as well as representational props and costume. It was a testament to their hard work over the last few months that the story was brought to life so vividly and in such a moving way. Paul Cox’s versatile set design provided the perfect playground for this large ensemble to watch the action, stepping in and out of characters, swapping roles for each scene.

The future of Marlborough drama is in very safe hands as these talented and committed pupils move up the College – I can’t wait to see what they create next. Congratulations to all involved in this highly creative and memorable production.

David Kenworthy
Head of Drama

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