Visit to Urban-Air Port

Monday 16th May 2022

Urban-Air Port is a British start-up honing the corner in the market of future commercial travel and deliveries. Their aim is to create infrastructure for taxi, cargo and other types of drones in the near future. Last week I was lucky enough to be a part of the Lower Sixth Design Technology trip for a look behind the scenes at this exciting new venture.

The trip enabled us to visit their pop up Port in Coventry which gave an incredible representation of how this space will work, and in meeting multiple members of the Urban-Air Port team, including the founder, we learnt about how this business will build and grow into the future.

With links to the Police department, Elon Musk’s company Starlink, the military and multiple other large businesses and partners, Urban-Air Port will be selling and building their Ports worldwide, revolutionising how we travel and receive products. The infrastructure is set up similar to a small airport – an area to buy commercial items such as drinks, snacks and clothing, areas for storage and cargo to be placed onto the drones, a control station and a security section. However, areas such as charging ports and storage for the drones, and the rising platform for take-off and landing are not found in your average airport. We had the chance to view the whole building and were even able to raise and drop the platform situated in the centre of the Port.

I would highly recommend taking a deeper look into this start-up, and all the pupils on the trip, including myself, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our thanks go to Mr Madden and Mr Hunter for this opportunity.

Ben B (L6)

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