A Decade of Ivy House

Tuesday 21st June 2022

On Sunday 19th June, a special event was held to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Ivy House becoming one of our Girls’ Boarding Houses.

Around 50 people attended the event, including Andrea Keighley, the first Housemistress, Charlie Pembroke, the current Housemistress, current pupils, OMs, Boarding House staff and a number of parents.

The afternoon began with a walk to the top of Granham Hill for a photo opportunity with the Marlborough White Horse. The White Horse was cut in 1804 by boys at Mr Greasley’s Academy, a separate school that closed in the 1830s, and which occupied the building that is now the home of Ivy House. Following the restoration of the White Horse last year, Ivy House has taken on a custodian role for its upkeep on behalf of the College based on this historical connection

Afterwards the group headed back to Ivy House to enjoy afternoon tea on what was a lovely occasion.

Photo by Pupil Photographer Christopher F (U6)

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