Medical School Success

Friday 24th June 2022

Medical school heads report that 2022 is the hardest year in living memory to enter UK medical schools, with several thousand higher-achieving applicants left without a place.

Many medical schools have been sitting on large numbers of deferred students. Professor Ian Russell, Associate Dean of Education at Exeter University’s Medical School has said that many of Exeter’s places for this year were already taken because last summer students were encouraged to defer until 2022 after the number of successful applicants with the course as their 1st choice shot up from 20% to 60%.

In this context where offers were only made at half the rate of the previous year, the following Marlburians are to be heartily congratulated on winning through: Jenny J (U6) has an offer from Leeds Medical School, Poppy Evans (MM 2016-21) has places both at University College, London and Queen Mary, University of London, Malta Campus, and Tiggy Lee (NC 2016-21) has a place at Hull York Medical School.

Guy Nobes (Head of Guidance) and Neil Moore (Medicine and Veterinary Science applications)

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