Pupil Review: Higher Education Fair

Tuesday 14th June 2022

At yesterday’s Higher Education and Gap Fair for the Lower Sixth, we were lucky enough to meet a wide range of university representatives from many famous places – such as Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, Sheffield and Warwick. There were also intriguing universities such as the Royal Agricultural University that certainly could give the Russell Group universities a run for their money. Each representative spoke with great enthusiasm and passion and really made their respective universities come to life.

There were also many organisations and charities attending, each representing activities to do in one’s gap year. I spoke to a woman who ran a language-learning course that will place you in a certain country, then teach you that language, and then engage you with an occupation of your choice in that country. I was informed this could be anything from waiting tables to coaching basketball teams. There were also opportunities to become a ski instructor, or volunteer for all kinds of charities whom you could tell really cared about their causes.

Overall, it was an excellent event showing the varied opportunities available to us on leaving Marlborough.

Joe B (L6)

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