Lower Sixth Welcome

Friday 23rd September 2022

The new members of the Lower Sixth started their Sixth Form careers slightly earlier than the rest of the year group, arriving at the College 24 hours prior to their peers so they could get to know one another, find their way around the campus and finalise their A level choices.

Since then, the pace of life has only increased as they have thrown themselves into all aspects of College life. Early lessons in challenging new courses have been augmented with getting to grips with the Marlborough Mindset and developing new skills in revision and retention. Outreach options have been chosen, with many of the year engaging in opportunities that take them away from Marlborough to help with the education and care of others.

Sport has also taken up a large amount of time, of course, with each and every new starter either continuing to build on prior sporting experience or learning their way around something new. All of this, on top of getting to know the other 185 members of their year group.

A restful exeat beckons.

Richard Willmett
Head of Lower Sixth

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