Shell Welcome

Friday 23rd September 2022

The heartbeat of the College is its pupils, and it feels a much richer and vibrant place with the joining of our new Shell; full of the fizz and buzz that Marlborough College life is renowned for.

Right from the start, the Shell were thrown into action. Week one saw them embark on a college-wide treasure hunt adventure, as well as being talked through the process of setting up access to those all-important emails and prep tasks (which I know they were all grateful for!). This was followed by a relaxing game of rounders and five-a-side football tournaments, with a BBQ feast and disco to round off a busy and bustling first week for the Shell.

Weeks two and three held no let-off, with the Shell competing in various external sporting fixtures where they learned quickly to gel as a team and work hard for each other. It was an absolute pleasure to see them all involved in our first major whole year group event – our beloved Steeplechase!  Special mentions must go to Samantha T and Jonah D for winning the individual prizes, and also to Mill Mead and C3, the overall House team competition winners. Please click here for a snippet of their endeavours.

Between the ebb and flows of the bustling life here at Marlborough, we seized the opportunity to stop and reconnect with the centrepiece of our campus – the majestic Marlborough Mound. In a ceremony of welcome to the College, ad Montem (to the Hill!), the Shell ascended around the gently inclining half-mile spiral path. To share in this momentous occasion please click here.

In the most recent week, they have attended a series of study skill courses, centred on our Marlborough Mindset, where they embraced learning how to develop an enquiring mind and how to be a lifelong learner.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Shell will soon be involved in a broad and balanced carousel of extra-curricular activities; from Tai Chi Qigong, fencing and coding, to creative writing and Model United Nations – all designed to enable our pupils to ignite new interests, seize new opportunities, develop new skills and provide them with memories and mastery to draw upon forever. There is something for everyone!

In having met the Shell, whether in scheduled meetings, sports fixtures, House visits or in the classroom, I have been impressed, without exception, by their ambition and focus to giving it their best.

I wish them a restorative and well-deserved exeat.

Will Gibbs
Head of Shell

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