Charity Round-Up

Tuesday 18th October 2022

This first half of term has seen the College community come together in various ways to raise money for some important causes.

Turner House are to be applauded for their Dawn Till Dusk charity football day held on Sunday 2nd October, which raised £5,000 for UKtoUkraine – money that will equip schools in the Donbas region with diesel generators and computers. The charity football marathon saw Turner pupils play back-to-back matches from 6.36am (dawn) until 7.16pm (dusk), with games including five-a-side, Lower School vs Upper School, Fathers vs Sons and a match against a College staff team. It was an incredible effort from the Turner boys, who brought huge energy and joy to the day, even in the driving rain and relative darkness of dawn. We are also hugely grateful to Turner parents for their support: they gave generously, played in matches, supported from the touchline and baked cakes to get everyone through the day

For World Mental Health Day on Monday 10th October, members of our community were encouraged to donate £1 to this important cause and wear a green ribbon to help build awareness. The fundraising was led by the Upper Sixth, including Imo B and Hannah K, and raised £250 for the charity Mind.

Barton Hill perform at this year’s House Shout competition

Barton Hill – winner of the boys’ House Shout competition this year – have proudly supported Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal at the House Shout for the past seven years. The annual donation, a sum of £100 this year, to this great charity has become as important a house tradition as bringing the cup home. Nikki McAllister, Dame of Barton Hill, commented: “The boys feel really proud every year that the hard work they put into this competition also has a charitable benefit. One of my boys still has the very same daffodil he started with five years ago.”

This term has seen the launch of a new initiative from Reverend Tim Novis entitled ‘The Kind Act of the Week.’ Everyone is encouraged to nominate a pupil or member of staff to be recognised in an understated way in Chapel for their personal act of kindness. In a simple way, this initiative aims to illustrate the many positive and supportive interactions within the College and to provide a collective way to celebrate them.

The chair took over 70 hours to build

A rocking chair made by a pupil has been put up for auction to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Will S made the chair over the summer break and donated the finished piece to C1 – which has now been made available for auction. It is a stunning piece of handmade furniture and we hope the auction is a tremendous success for this wonderful charity. The chair design is by Californian company, foureyes furniture, with the wood – American white oak – for the project kindly donated at cost by Surrey Timbers. The auction has now closed.

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