Inspired by the Mound

Tuesday 18th October 2022

The majestic Neolithic mound, supposedly the place where Merlin is buried, stands at the centre of our campus and has long been a special place for our community and part of the Marlburian soul. We lead our busy daily lives enriched by the shadow of four and a half thousand years of human aspiration, endeavour and creativity.

Across the academic year 2021 and 2022, art scholars and art teachers created their highly regarded, collective response to the enduring history and archaeology of the Marlborough Mound. This has produced a beautiful portfolio of work containing 50 individual prints by the contributing artists which were exhibited in the Mount House gallery at the end of the last academic year. This was a mammoth and professional undertaking by all concerned.

A bespoke portfolio box has been created to hold a composition by each of the 34 scholars and four exhibiting teachers, entitled A Portfolio in celebration of the Mound at Marlborough College.

From the start of this Michaelmas Term, a framed set of the prints have been put on permanent display around the walls of A House and will also become part of the College Art archive.

Mound Trust news

The Mound Trust was set up in 2000 by Old Marlburian, Eric Elstob (C2 1956-60) to restore, maintain and promote knowledge and understanding of the Mound based on scholarly research. Since the Trust’s establishment, there have been dramatic results in the systematic restoration of the Marlborough Mound and in the exploration of its history.

We are delighted to make you aware of the publication of a new book, The Marlborough Mound. Prehistoric Mound, Medieval Castle, Georgian Garden, edited by Richard Barber which captures the work achieved thus far under the auspices of the Mound Trust. The book is a celebration of the vision of Eric Elstob and of the continued wholehearted support of the College to this most remarkable of monuments.

Copies are on sale at the White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough at a special price of £25 and on the Boydell website for the same price by using the discount code ‘BB072’ when completing the order.

Other News