Pupil Appointments

Monday 17th October 2022

We are delighted to announce the appointment of the following pupils to leadership roles in the school.

Senior Prefects
Grace H
Woody W

Eloise B, Edward B, Charlie B, Erin B, Rayaan C, James C, Georgie C, Ted C, Max D M, Henry G, Jack H-H, Lucia H, Helvetica H T, Sebastian H, Sophie H, Rosie H, Star H, Ruby L, Kitty M, Max M, Bella M, Katie O’G, Jack R, Daisy R, Amelia S, Lily V N, Ned W, Max W.

Marlborough Mindset Ambassadors
Katie B, Romilly C-G, Clemmie C, Sam C, Dominic C, Will E, Poppy G-C, Carina H, Theo J, Tabitha L, James M, Sienna M, Philip M, Alice O, Beth P, Sophia R, Lara R, Henry S, Felix S, Archie S, Raffy T, Marco T, Thomas W.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors will be appointed after half-term.

Congratulations to each one of them as they take on the challenge and the opportunity that these roles represent.

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