12 hour cycle for Ukraine

Wednesday 30th November 2022

On Sunday 27th November, 75 pupils, ably supported by 20 members of staff, set out to cycle the distance from east to west Ukraine on the school watt bikes in order to raise money for the Mail Force Ukraine Appeal.

The target was to cycle the 1,310 kilometres non-stop, cumulatively, over the 12 hour period (6am until 6pm) with the aim to raise £500. On the day, this amazing team effort totalled a brilliant 2,823 kilometres, which is further than Marlborough to Kiev, and has raised a fantastic £4,063.

The initiative was started by Hannah K who said on behalf of the group: ‘As we cycle the distance of east to west Ukraine, we hope to raise awareness of the intense difficulties the Ukrainians are being forced to live through, whilst appreciating that we shouldn’t take anything we have for granted.’

Many congratulations to everyone who cycled:

Hannah K, Sophie H, Ned W, George T, Raphael S, Ben B, Josh B, Alice K, Ollie H, Mollie D, Archie de R, Beth J, Nina W, Tatiana Y, Violette de S, Honor B, Daisy R, Lottie V, Laura N, Sam P, Ramsay H, Iona G, Isla B, Georgie C, James F, Mimi K, Charlotte G, Helvetica H T, Sam B, Yurii I, Beth T-H, Matilda M, Flora M, Roya H, Nina B, Tinka B, Lottie D, Seb H, Alice G, Marnie L, Otto B, Max W, Tabitha H, Star H, Max D M, Erin R, Kiera D, Woody W, Tillie D, Ned C, Saffron R, Caroline P, Eloise B, Joshua U, Zara H, Dasha Y, Toby M, Oscar P, Hannie M, Max G, Phoebe C, Henry S, Wilf G, Ralph B, Arthur B, Christopher F, Sam C, Bea D, Jachin A, Emmi M, Clarendon H T, Lorenzio F R, Amelia S, Zac D, Will W, Miss Wessels, Mrs Hodgson, Mr Hodgson, Mr Beckett, Mr Hamilton, Mrs Keighley, Mr Keighley, Mrs Brown, Mrs Lane, Dr Swift, Mrs Hawthorn, Mr Hawthorn, Mrs Kiggell, Miss Sempere, Mr Hetherton, Mr Tanner, Mr Miller, Mr Lane, Miss Holt and Mr Nightingale.

Mail Force is raising money to help provide aid, including shelter, food and medical support for desperate families who have abandoned their homes with little but what they can carry. Donations will help aid organisations already on the ground and providing desperately needed support.

You can read more about this story and make a donation here.

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