100 Objects: Stories in Stone

Friday 9th December 2022

We are delighted to share a double instalment of ‘Marlborough in a Hundred Objects’ covering the fascinating stories and people remembered in stone memorials and artefacts at the College and further afield.

Many of these objects are gravestones and inscriptions which capture the lives of notable OMs and their contribution to the College and to society. Some are unmissable, whereas others, such as the stone roundels set into the ground at the top of the steps to the Chapel, are part of the fabric of our campus and easily overlooked in the bustle of daily life.

Like all the remarkable objects described in this series, these stone objects mark significant events and people who have shaped the College.

With this latest instalment, our ‘Marlborough in a Hundred Objects’ series is now up to 60 objects.
We hope you enjoy reading about them and all the other objects reviewed to date on our ‘Marlborough in a Hundred Objects’ home page.

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