Art Trip to Lacock Abbey

Monday 12th December 2022

Exceptional shadows, past and present

Founded in the 13th century, Lacock Abbey is a deeply inspiring venue for seeking creative inspiration. On October 11th, a group of Lower Sixth photographers and pupils studying fine art explored the historic Abbey grounds and cloisters. Their initial focus within the History of Photography Gallery was to investigate the work of pioneering photographer, scientist, and inventor William Henry Fox Talbot, who owned the Abbey in the 19th century. An interesting link between Fox Talbot’s imagery and the Abbey’s architecture were several of Fox Talbot’s renowned negative images; including the window at his home in 1835, regarded as possibly the oldest existing photographic negative.

Engaging observations and discussions followed, centered around the exhibition ‘Plastic Soup’; a visually complex and thought-provoking collection of digital works by artist Mandy Barker. These absorbing, layered compositions of plastic detritus provided great stimulus for conversations regarding the photographer’s possible techniques in their creation.

The warming late autumn light provided further opportunities to record the changing conditions and shadows within the atmospheric Abbey cloisters through sustained photography and a series of small observational drawing sketches.

Jonathan Parham
Head of Visual Arts Promotion

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