Friday 16th December 2022

On the strength of her solo exhibition in the Mount House Gallery in September 2021, we are delighted Amanda Cook accepted our invitation to be our Artist-At-Marlborough across this school year.

The Artist’s primary function is to create a body of work and establish an ongoing presence within the Art School. Amanda fits both these descriptions perfectly as she is a prolific, driven artist and role model to our pupils. Amanda‘s studio space, which is located upstairs in the Art School, is a beacon of invention through diverse and often unusual materials and combinations. It is a mind at work in visible form. She is fearless in her immersive creativity and happy sharing knowledge and techniques, offering creative nourishment.

Nature, in all moods and guises, is Amanda’s overarching theme. This is explored through various objects, fabrics, ink, dyes, and origami-like patterns on paper, printmaking and a feel for textiles.

Art is an essential part of our pupils’ exploration of their creativity and aesthetic values. Working within the vibrant environment of the Art School as part of our inspiring Art staff, Amanda will contribute through workshops, talks (formal and informal), the display of her work in the Art School and by exhibiting work in College. She will also play a significant role in the art scholars’ William Morris themed project across this academic year.

Edward Twohig RE
Head of Art

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