Blackett Science Lecture

Tuesday 6th December 2022

Marlborough College, the Radcliffe Society and The Friends of the Marlborough Telescope were honoured to welcome Oxford University’s Dr Rebecca Smethurst to the College to give the 18th annual Blackett Science Lecture on Tuesday 29th November. Dr Smethurst gave an amazing talk entitled ‘It’s not easy growing a supermassive black hole’ to a packed audience in the Ellis Theatre.

In her engaging and informative talk, Dr Smethurst shone light on the latest insights in the field of black hole investigation, while debunking some of the common myths associated with the area of her research. The infographics, especially the animated images, were extremely well-thought out and allowed Dr Smethurst to explain a complicated concept in an appealing and audience-friendly manner. Dr Smethurst delivered her talk with the confidence and relaxed nature of a true professional and her enthusiasm and knowledge were clearly visible.

It was amazing to watch her open mindedness in answering and accepting questions from the audience. The passion that Dr Smethurst radiated was inspiring and having spoken with many who attended the talk, all said that they felt the urge to study Astrophysics ! Dr Smethurst is as amazing in person as she is in her YouTube videos and it has been a pleasure to be able to hear from her at the College.

Chicha N (Upper Sixth, President of the Radcliffe Society)

What’s Up in the Sky

Things to look out for in the Northern sky this winter:

21st December – Winter Solstice and Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation (best time to observe)

22nd/23rd December – Ursid Meteor shower

23rd December – Supermoon

3rd/4th January – Quadrantid Meteor Shower

4th January – Earth at perihelion (closest point to Sun)

6th January – Full Moon

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