Review: [BLANK] by Alice Birch

Wednesday 7th December 2022

The Lower School took on the challenge of Alice Birch’s unforgiving exploration of the impact of the criminal justice system on families. Jane Darby’s production was a highly provocative and powerful piece of theatre split into beautifully observed duologues that explored the experience of each child.

There were many fascinating performances in this production that were the result of an intensive process over four weeks. The characters were incredibly well-defined and the level of detail was quite astounding for such a young group of actors. The stark staging amplified the performances as we were treated to each episode in turn as the ensemble watched on with perfect focus. The physical expressions between each duologue were haunting and allowed us to reflect on the themes of abandonment and struggle that each of the characters experienced.

This was a wonderful evening of theatre that shone a harsh light on important issues. It also highlighted the level of talent we have in the Lower School providing them with an opportunity to produce such an outstanding piece of work.

Congratulations to all involved!

David Kenworthy
Head of Drama

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