Everyone’s Invited

Monday 23rd January 2023

Last week, the Shell and Upper School heard from Everyone’s Invited, a charity dedicated to raising awareness, educating and researching rape culture especially in school environments.

We were very lucky to have Soma Sara, the organisation’s founder, visit Marlborough and a small group of us met with her to hear more about her work. Soma and her colleague, Ellie, highlighted the prevalence of normalised sexual violence, sparking discussion throughout the group. The workshops described how attitudes and behaviours can contribute to a culture of sexual violence, taking trivialised forms like rape jokes, misogyny or harassment.

The talk was empathetic, approaching the topic in an inclusive and open manner. It is a new conversation for Marlborough to be having and has prompted engaged responses from all parts of the school. I am excited that Marlborough is addressing a very important, but also sensitive, issue and the tone felt just right.

We look forward to doing more work with Everyone’s Invited for the Remove and Hundred later this term.

Bella M
Senior Prefect

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