Model UN Event

Tuesday 24th January 2023

Last Friday, 12 of our Lower Sixth Politics pupils took part in a virtual Model United Nations event with 19 schools from across four continents on the issue of climate change.

Measures being discussed online included carbon mitigation, the provision of a climate fund to assist developing countries with meeting the costs of climate adaptation, compensation for loss and damage suffered from climate change, the development of alternative sources of energy and the minimisation of food waste and plastics.

The event, titled Good COP Bad COP, was the second Model UN conference on the UN’s COP process hosted by the UK based educational charity Engage With China, which seeks to build China-literacy and develop global awareness in UK schools. The aim of the event was to enable pupils to develop a greater understanding of what is involved in fighting climate change, and to give schools around the world the opportunity to connect to share varied perspectives on this global issue.

During the conference, pupils represented countries other than their own, with Marlborough College pupils representing the interests of key climate player, China. The format was designed to provide those taking part with an insight into global engagement and negotiation. Each delegation gave introductions and presentations summarising the views of the nation they were representing, before splitting into specific virtual rooms to debate different aspects of climate change.

Our pupils were supported throughout the event by Richard Willmett from the Politics Department, who said: ‘The event was an excellent opportunity for pupils to engage with others from different cultures and backgrounds on a topic that affects us all. Engaging and enjoyable debate was seen on all the different resolutions and there were a great number of impressive performances on show from both Marlburians and the other delegations. This was a really positive experience and one which many of those involved are keen to replicate in the future’.

Congratulations to all the Lower Sixth pupils involved – Henry S, Ines M, Emmie M, Mina T, Theo J, Max D, Layla P, Marco T, Saskia M, Zack D, Harry M and Mia K-M.

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