Marlborough Chalk

Tuesday 28th March 2023

This term has seen the launch of our new academic project, Marlborough Chalk, which aims to capture and present some of the qualities of the College, its history and its area.

‘Marlborough Chalk’ refers both to the land below and around us – the wonderful chalk downland which has sustained such rich and varied civilisations for thousands of years – as well as the tradition of pedagogy represented by the College (‘chalk’ once being pretty common in classrooms!). The articles are about anything and everything connected to these topics.

Thus far, we have published articles written by pupils on our Marlborough Chalk webpage covering topics as diverse as white horses, stone circles and henges, the chemistry of chalk, Marlborough’s Russian connections, chalk as a military term and its decorative use in Hindu culture.

In this most recent installment, we are delighted to share another five articles for your enjoyment. Olivia M shares the supernatural stories of C1, Maria Julia R explains why Russians are so good at Maths, Helena C writes about the wildlife of the River Kennet, Wilf G has researched the building of local Neolithic monuments and Tabitha L explains the industrial processes of the lime cycle.

All of the articles, now numbering 17, can be read on our website and more will follow throughout the next term. At the end of the academic year, the articles will be compiled into a single publication in both printed and digital format. The full digital publication will be available under the Pupil Publications section on our website, alongside our two Lockdown publications – ‘Beethoven in time of Lockdown’ published in 2020 and ‘In time of Lockdown: reflections on Locks, Lockdown, Isolation’ published in 2021 – in whose footsteps it follows.

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