Marlborough Mindset Update

Monday 27th March 2023

The pupil leadership of the Marlborough Mindset has continued in earnest this term with the Lower Sixth Marlborough Mindset Ambassadors delivering a series of informative tips encouraging pupils in their House to become independent and responsible learners. Every other week, this Ambassador team has listened to the needs of the pupils and advised on the kind of strategies and information they would benefit from knowing.  

Early in the term, pupils were feeling frazzled by the mountains of knowledge they were absorbing so some tips were shared on managing information in the brain.  A lot of feedback has been given to pupils about how to improve their work, so the Ambassadors delivered training on how they should act on this constructive feedback to close the gap in their knowledge and skills. The pupils also learnt more about effective note-taking and efficient ways to jot down piles of information.

As well as the Marlborough Mindset booklet, which has numerous strategies for how to revise and learn effectively, pupils now have access to the online version on Firefly. Pupils can read the booklet and then discover more about each topic via this online resource, whether that be how the brain works, the importance of sleep or how to create mnemonics.

The Marlborough Mindset Prefects allocated each of the six Marlborough Mindset attributes to a half term. This allows pupils to consider the importance of the given attribute in the context of their schooling.  It won’t come as a surprise that ambition is the focus for next half of term. With that in mind, pupils will hear about the importance of ambition in assembly, in House and in lessons.

With next term’s focus on public and internal examinations, we encourage all pupils to look through their Marlborough Mindset booklet and to explore the Marlborough Mindset Firefly pages for ideas on how to revise effectively. It is essential they understand that attainment isn’t fixed: anyone can achieve great things with the right attitude, some hard work and by applying evidence-informed strategies. 

Bella Nightingale
Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning)

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