A Survivor’s Story

Thursday 18th May 2023

Holocaust survivor Janine Webber BEM recently returned to the College to speak to the Shell year group, making a lasting impact on the 188 pupils in attendance.

Ms Webber, now aged 90, gave an extended talk in The Memorial Hall, describing her childhood and spoke how, even as a teenager, she was forced to hide while most of her family were killed around her.

Head of History, Christopher Moule, described the afternoon as ‘a gem of an event’, whilst Shell pupil Ava H offered her thoughts following the compelling talk.

“It was a really special occasion and it was the best talk that I have heard during my Shell year so far,” she said.

“Our Form teacher, Mr Moule, had told us about Ms Webber but it was wonderful to have had the opportunity to listen to her talk and to meet her in person afterwards. It wasn’t just the adults who suffered, it was the children as well and the fact that she can remember everything so clearly, despite it being so long ago, was incredible. It was a very moving talk and it has inspired my friends and me to learn more about the Holocaust.”

Ava added: “I now understand what it was like to have been alive through such dark times. It was so inspiring to see Ms Webber face her childhood trauma to come and speak to us.

“It is a talk that I will never forget.”

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