The Bee Team

Tuesday 13th June 2023

Two pupils have begun their beekeeping journey and have joined the College’s Beekeeping Society.

Pupils, Archie S and Laila S, are now the newest members of ‘the Bee team’ and were given a safety briefing before donning a beekeeping suit and getting close to the hive during the recent warm weather.

Kay Kiggell, Dancy Housemistress (whose logo is a beehive), has been delighted with the progress.

“The College bees were introduced last year and they over-wintered very well. The hives are really busy and, as part of Outreach, pupils with an interest in beekeeping are able to play their part. Archie and Laila were the first two pupils to visit the hives and we harvested some honey. Hopefully the first visit of many.”

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