2023 Staff Leavers

Monday 3rd July 2023

We bid farewell to the following members of Common Room and Support Staff who leave this academic year and thank them for their long and valued service.

Common Room

45 years
Rob Wakely (Rackets Professional) 45 years

Over 25 years
Guy Nobes (English Teacher, Head of Guidance) 28 years
Cathy Walsh (Head of Chemistry, Housemistress of New Court) 26 years
Matthew Gow (Head of Politics, Head of Football, Head of Learning Support) 26 years

Over 10 years
Will Finlay (School Staff Instructor, College Proctor) 18 years
Sean Bate (School Staff Instructor, RHT Cotton) 11 years
Jennifer Lane (Physics Teacher, RHT Ivy, RHT Dancy) 11 years

Over 8 years
Orla Millar neé Grimley (Maths Teacher and RHT Elmhurst) 8 years
Rebecca Jerstice (Head of Psychology) 8 years

Support Staff

Charlotte Dobie (Cleaner – Elmhurst) 29 years
David Farrell (General Builder) 22 years
Lisa Farrell (Hospitality Manager) 18 years
Ros Feakes (Secretary to Second Master) 12 years
James Lane (Swimming Pool Supervisor, Sports Coach, Fleet Driver, Science Technician) 11 years

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