A Year of Partnerships

Tuesday 4th July 2023

Partnerships and Outreach have continued to play an important part in our Co-curricular offer this year. Over 150 of our pupils have been involved with Partnerships on a weekly basis in a variety of activities. This year pupils have:  

  • Supported around 200 primary pupils in local schools with reading 
  • Led language clubs for primary school children locally
  • Assisted in sports lessons in local schools
  • Supported children with severe physical and cognitive additional needs at a school in Swindon
  • Helped elderly people at a community drop-in centre in Marlborough
  • Assisted with weekly Riding for the Disabled lessons
  • Run fun after school clubs for 150 primary school children
  • Assisted Marlborough teaching staff with STEM and DT lessons for 90 local school children in our Beko Innovation Centre
  • Worked with local conservation groups to preserve the River Kennet

In addition to all of this fantastic work, we have continued our strong relationship with Swindon Academy. Over 60 of their Year 7 and 8 pupils have attended lessons here at Marlborough every other week, taking part in a range of interesting and challenging courses. Some of these pupils also spent a packed 2 day residential here in June. They tried everything from bee keeping to fives and water polo to Psychology lessons. Some Swindon pupils have also been selected for a highly sought-after program where they will work with Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, on a scheme which looks to raise academic aspiration and which includes a residential course at Fitzwilliam. In addition to this, some Swindon pupils have worked on research projects with our Library team in our wonderful Memorial Library.  

We have also been able to offer the use of our site to enrich the curriculum of our local partner schools through the use of our Chapel, Innovation Centre and sports pitches. One recent highlight was a visit from the Herschel Museum and Bath Conservation Trust who came with a pop-up Planetarium. Over 150 primary school pupils and some Swindon Academy pupils learned about the night sky and our solar system in a fully immersive experience. 

We are looking forward to another year of great Partnerships, with some interesting new additions to watch out for.

Emily Taylor
Partnerships Manager

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